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Meet Our Design Team!

 Team Leader/Floater for Createful Divas
Hello, I'm Mary Smith Owner/Creator of Createful Heart Digis & Design. I am a wife, been married to my hubby 33 years, he also served in the military for 20 years. He is also co-owner & designer of Createful Heart Digis & Design. My interest with making cards began in the early 1980's when I decided that Hallmark was getting just a little too pricey for me, and I thought, well hey, I think I could do this too! So, with a little imagination and some neat watercolor pencils I set up my crafting on the kitchen table... there I focused making cards for Anniversaries, Birthdays and so on... each card was created just for that person. Since I drew out each card, it would take approximately 1 to 2 hours. But I figured since we were first married and didn't have a lot of money to spend on extra's like birthday presents and such, then the card would be the "gift". I got started with making digital images back in 2002,.. when I first got PSP. I was determined to learn the process of making cool images... the process was a bit difficult at first, but I did learn. My first "scribble" came out as a vase with flowers...then I used to color in all my images...never thinking of just making them outlined. Not until 2011 that I decided to create outlined images...and first just offered them for "free"... I started my Createful Heart Digis & Design in February of 2017. I decided on the name Createful because I am reminded to be Grateful to God for all my talents.
    Gail Hutchinson DT
I am married (43 years) with 2 children and 7 grandchildren. I love my craft and would be lost without it. Don't ask me what year I started, I can't remember. I do remember dabbling in cardmaking, then scrapbooking, then returning to the cards. Rubber stamps, clear stamps, you name it, I have it, but I am enjoying using digital stamps at the moment. I thought I would never be able to fathom how to use them, but I have surprised myself.

I am a stay at home wife and an adjunct professor of 11 years at Kaplan University. I have been married to a wonderful man for the last 13 years, (we have been together since 2000). Together we have a wonderful blended family, of three sons and 5 grandchildren. I have been a crafter for years, however, about 10 years ago I became more interested in scrapbooking. I quickly moved past scrapbooking into a real love of Vintage and card making. I love working vintage designs, as well as shabby chic. I have learned I have a fascination with laces and the beauty they add to any project. I have been and always will be a “flower child”, which means I will add flowers to most any project I make. I am the type of crafter who likes to try just about anything. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful hubby who supports my habit, I mean crafting. In addition to my cards and scrapbooks, I am an entrepreneur. I have my own small Embroidery business. I specialize in Freestanding Lace, but also have other fun designs available. Lately, I have been making a lot of mug rugs. I love what I do and love how all of my projects all coordinate together so easily. I have a blog at please feel free to stop in for a visit.
 NanaConnie DT
I’m a mom, a Nana to 6 and Great-Nana to 2. I’m retired, have been widowed for several years, and I get to spend lots of time in the craft room these days. Church and family are very important in my life and I also love volunteering and sharing whatever I can with people in my community. I taught college for many years and still enjoy teaching but these days it’s usually related to paper crafting, sewing, or creative writing. I am also an editor and proof reader for three different blogs. I have 2 feline fur babies who adopted me and who now run the house -- allowing me to live in their home as long as I keep the food and water dishes full and the litter box clean. They can usually be found in the craft room with me, where they can interrupt whatever I’m doing in order to get their proper share of attention at least once an hour.

Team Leader for Crafty Hearts
I am a wife of 46 years, a mother to 2 adult children, grandmother of 3, “mommy” to 1 kitty, and “mamaw” to 2 furbabies. My husband retired from the Army back in 1992. I got my first taste of crafting when my niece introduced me to scrapbooking back in 1997. That was my passion at the time, until I found the “world of papercrafting”. I was hooked! I love to make cards, altered art, mixed media, and making tags! (I have a lot of them!) I like the idea of having digitals, because it’s something that can be used over and over! I hope to inspire others to create, as well as to continue in my growth in learning! Please visit my blog at

Geneva Ellis DT
I’m a Mom to two grown children, both married, and two beautiful granddaughters. I worked in the school system as an educational interpreter. I’m retired and enjoying this part of my life tremendously. I use my skills now in church as needed. My husband is retired as well, from the army. He has his room with his genealogy and I in my craft room with my....crafting. ;) Our fur baby, Bella (no bigger than 13 lbs but thinks she is a lioness. LOL) goes from his room to my room for attention. What do we do? Yes, stop what we’re doing and give her that needed attention. I LOVE TO CRAFT. BTW: Jeanie, thank you for your patience. I bug my sissy a lot. Smiles

Jana Forrest DT
Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Jana Trulove-Forrest. I live in the great state of Oregon smack dab in the middle of the beautiful Willamette Valley! My crafting adventures started when I was very young. My mama started teaching me to sew at 8 years old. From there we started crocheting. Next up was cooking and counted cross stitch. So I guess I have been creative just about all my life. Then one afternoon my daughters brought home 3 huge totes. Low and behold they contained items for scrapbooking. Rubber Stamps, paper, embossing powder, markers and a bunch of items I had no idea what were used for. YouTube helped. From there I decided to make some simple cards. Easier and didn't take as long (boy howdy I was wrong about the time commitment). Fast forward and I am now on design teams, have two blogs and a crafting space at work (I am a part-owner of our machine shop with my hubby, the bob) and sometimes more work than I can handle. But I am loving life. So grateful to my darling daughters for thinking of me. The DH Bob is amused and very very loving. Thank you for the opportunity to be on the Createful Heart Digi's Design Team. I love designing and creating smiles with my cards.

Judy Markowitz DT
I have always been a creative soul but started scrapbooking when my oldest daughter was born, almost twenty years ago. And since then it has grown from a hobby (usually more of a a collector of all things papercrafting) to papercrafting, painting, drawing, mixed media, jewelry making and even some sewing and quilting, and then morphing in to being a member of several design teams, having my own blog and my own business. I have been married for six years to The Love Of My Life. I met him in 1980, we were "an item" in 1982, and then didn't see each other for over 30 years. We each have two daughters so our collective four girls range from 23 to my baby who is 11. We also have two fur babies, Demi and her son Mozart. We adopted them from El Paso Animal Rescue just before Thanksgiving four years ago. Demi actually had her litter at El Paso Animal Rescue and when we found her there was one puppy left from the litter, so I couldn't not have them both! You can find more of my creations on my blog here:

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